Cyberpunk Proficiencies and Traits

*Most of the proficiencies, traits, and disadvantages in SKIP are also available

• Name –cost – (initial rating) – description (key stat /s)


• Agriculture – 4 – (5) – you know how to terraform (Reason)
• Gaming – 2 – (7) a basic understanding of game interfaces and rules, so you can pick up a new game like a keen 12-year-old instead of like your grandmother. (Intuition)
• Driving – 2 – (7) hopefully not like Grand Theft Auto (Reason / Aim)
• Survival – 4 – (6) you know how to build filtration systems, make hidden shelters, tie knots, hotwire cars, etc. (Reason)
• 3 – D Printing – 3 – (9) you know how to program 3-D printers to make things that are structurally sound (Reason)


• How do you like my avatar? – 3 – (7) You have a knack for changeability, able to convince people you are whatever character you are wearing that day. It is a form of cosplay. The way that others form alternate personas online, you can form them as easily in real life. (Appearance)
• Swing, Swing, Swing –2 – (9) Dancing isn’t something normal people do anymore unless they are truly into the skin clubs. But you know how to move to music, how to move with other bodies, how to make others look at you. (Balance / Constitution)
• Artful Dodger –3 – (5) you can pick pockets, hide things up your sleeves, perform sleight of hand. (Aim)
• Hack the Planet –5– (8) different from programming, you don’t necessarily know the entirety of a system or how to build them, but you know enough to get yourself in the back door and take some things (Reason)
• 4Chan –3– (9) you brave the land of the trolls, knowing how to skim reams of drivel, skeez, and rage to find useful information. You have acquaintances in low places, not important ones, but lots of them. You know lore that most would find far too esoteric (tedious) to parse and can translate it. (Leadership)


• Gunsmithing –5 – (7) you know how to take apart, put back together, build guns. Skill level 7-10 [traditional guns], skill level 11-14 [also jerry rigged guns like 3D printed compression guns or tazers], skill level 15+ [also energy guns] (Reason)
• Ex IRA –5 – (9) bombs…you make them. Out of whatever. (Intuition)
• Platforming – 4 – (6) you can parkour (Balance / Strength)
• You don’t know where I’ve been – 3 – (7) bodies are a bit of a novelty, and you’ve trained yours to enjoy pain. It’s so different from being logged in. The more they hit you, the wider you smile. It unnerves your enemies. (Willpower)
• Under the table – 3 – (9) Drinking is a skill, just takes practice. You are a highly functioning drunk. Innis had a 20 in this. (Willpower / Constitution)


• Well…programming – 5 – (6) you can shape the digital world without friendly UIs (Reason / Intuition)
• Mechanical Engineering – 5 – (5) these are my friends…I made them. You make machines, from something as simple as a car engine to as complex as a new robotic body, or a space ship. But you have to have a damn high score for that. (Reason)
• Batou – 4 – (7) similar to animal empathy, but with AI. You understand them, you like them, and they like you in return. You have a much better time anticipating their actions or reasoning with AI that bear little resemblance to human intelligence and goals (Intuition)
• Multitasking – 2 – (9) you’re logged into 3 feeds and it doesn’t bother you. Just everyone around you who wants your attention. Practically this means you can do more than one task at once. (Reason)
• Pattern Recognition– 3 – (5) you can learn new coding languages, new systems, very quickly and have a chance to master them. (Intuition)


• Survival in the Wild – 4 – (6) you have studied enough herbalism, history, and anthropology to make it beyond the walls of a city. You are less likely to eat something poisonous, die of exposure, or be skewered by angry highlanders than the average person. (Intuition)
• Ancient Geography – 2 – (9) you know how the world used to be (Reason)
• Bonesaw – 3 – (7) you can take bodies apart and put them back together (Reason / Willpower)
• Skincraft – 4 – (6) you can augment people, turning bodies into weapons, crafting neat digital interfaces, merging Ea and Arda (Reason / Intuition)
• Avast – 4 – (8) you’re a priest for the digital world, able to cure viruses, raise firewalls, turn malware, etc. (Constitution / Leadership)
• Jacobite Lore – 2 – you don’t need the Maiar to recite it to you. You know all the words. But you like listening to them anyway. (Reason)


- Augmented – 6 – you have a wireless hookup, a constant user interface view of the world, wolverine claws, anything like that


- Dust egg – 2, 4, or 6 depending – you live in a polluted world with a lot of nuclear fallout. Unlike in comic books, mutations aren’t usually a good thing.
- Go Deeper – 4 – you’ve lost the sense of there being any difference between logged on or off. This can give you unrealistic expectations if you’re operating in the physical world and lead to behaviors that make perfect sense in a game but are psychotic outside of one.

Cyberpunk Proficiencies and Traits

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