Martha Graham

Old Battleaxe Graham


The Matriarch of the Graham Clan and head of Bonnie Dundee Distilleries. She rules the family half from their online stronghold of Mugdock Castle and half from the family home in Glasgow University. As they age, many of her siblings have made the move to living entirely in Mugdock, but Martha doesn’t trust things she can’t see with her own eyes, and she still makes the rounds in person when she can. At 84, she is still iron backed and keen witted, and so help you if you cross her.


Martha was one of ten siblings, and is the eldest of the surviving five. Her childhood was poor and proud in the ruins of Glasgow, when the IRA and the British were still fighting in the bombed out buildings of a city that belonged to neither of them. Her father was an academic, and he talked much of Clan Graham’s noble history. They lived in the ruins of the university, and he taught pro bono classes to whoever showed up at their home – more literacy than history. So it fell to his wife to make a living. She and all her children found work where they could, running guns and liquor across enemy lines for the IRA and British alike.

Martha inherited her mother’s survival skills and her father’s love of the memory of Scotland. She decided that it made far more sense to make liquor than just steal and deliver it, and she went to work at a local moonshine distillery that doubled as a bombs manufacturer on the side. Within five years she owned it. She gave up the bombs business and focused on distilling. Her father found old whiskey recipes among the tomes of the university, and they set to making the first proper Scotch that Scotland had seen in years. It took a while to get the recipes right, and ingredients were hard to come by. By the time Bonnie Dundee Distillery was a reality, her mother and half her siblings had died – taken by sickness and violence, and the IRA had won the war. But Martha’s ruthless, tireless efforts to establish the brewery paved the way to its current success and the family’s wealth.

The only thing you could ever say she “wasted” money on was bribing Holyrood Abbey in Edinburgh to take her father in, so that his aching body could rest, and his mind wander free to create in Ea the old Scotland he had never seen but knew and loved better than the present one. He became one of the most important Subcreators of Holyrood, doing extensive work on Valinor before he died. Martha herself has no time for the Jacobites or the effort of building a city in the stars, with so much to be done just to run the distilleries, but she loved her father and his dreaming. It gentled her toward later family members who went to join the Jacobites at Holyrood, and, truth be told, to her grandson’s frivolities.

She is a widow, the mother of one son and one daughter. Her son went to join the Jacobites, never marrying, but her daughter married an influential Guildmaster and continued the Graham line.

Martha Graham

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