Bridie Graham

She's always smiling


Iain’s sister, 10 years older than he. Her name is Brighid, but only Martha calls her that. Everyone else calls her Bridie, partially in joke that she’ll never marry. She is the official “head distiller” of Bonnie Dundee Distilleries, though she still answers to Martha and the other old heads of the family when they bother to butt in.

She is very much like her grandmother, with an iron will and practical outlook. Iain is the pretty one. Bridie was square jawed and snub nosed to begin with, and then she was given a Glasgow smile in a street fight in her teens. She doesn’t mind, using it to intimidate creditors and employees. But she’s always had a protective soft spot for Iain and his pursuit of beauty and frivolities absent in her own life. She has vouched for him so often, when the family takes exception to his oddities, that he’s earned a grudging acceptance.


Bridie Graham

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