Beard 2

Clever. But no one wants him for his brains.


His actual name is Stas Blazhenov. He is one of the twin bodyguards who serve Iain. He spends his free time working digital security for Iain and talking to the cats in Russian. He is also heavily tattooed and pierced, since their owners wanted them to match, but he is not so invested in his appearances. He body builds to keep Dmitri company and looks nice for Iain because that is what is expected, but he prefers to be online. Since joining the Graham Clan, he is deeply curious about the Jacobites.

His preferred weapons are guns. But guns don’t let Dmitri show off, and they are often more risk than they are worth in tight spaces, so he keeps his holstered unless things are serious.

Stas is stoic and shy, happy to be furniture. He permits Dmitri or Iain to do what they like to him, but left to his own devices his mind is elsewhere. When he does speak, it is usually a question or a philosophical statement. (Or in Russian…to the cats.)

The twins were child slaves of the russian mob. They were used as body slaves, and then as body guards as well, when they grew to be such brutes. In particular they were sold and traded among the mob wives, who permitted them amusements such as learning coding and ballet. A jealous husband proved their undoing, selling them under his wife’s nose to a trade ship, one of the armored vessels to carry robots from Japan to Russia and Glasgow and raw supplies back. The twins hated life on the ship, other than when they got to fight pirates. They missed culture, cities, and everything they’d known as slaves of nobility, so they jumped ship at the first port they came to, which was Glasgow. They hid, terrified, in the bracken wilds above the city until they saw the ship leave port. Then they went back into town and reinvented themselves as dancers at the Skin Clubs. Iain saw them there and hired them. They adore him for it.

Since moving to Glasgow, their English has improved, but they don’t let on.


Beard 2

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